Seal the Deal:
The Essential Mindsets for Growing
Your Professional Services Business

Seal the Deal demystifies how successful coaches make money while making a difference.

This innovative, 10-step system teaches coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs how to integrate the "critical trinity" of networking, marketing and sales with a coaching approach to get more ideal clients.

The author, Suzi Pomerantz, MT., MCC., is a Master Certified Coach who has been coaching executives for 13 years in over 110 organizations worldwide, including 7 companies on the Fortune 100 list, 6 corporate law departments, and 11 law firms.

"Seal the Deal, more than a traditional book, is a series of powerful coaching sessions dealing with a big breakdown that many excellent coaches and consultants face today: they don't know how to sell their services to organizations. Suzi Pomerantz not only knows, she can also coach us so we can learn that critical ability."

-- JULIO OLALLA, President, Newfield Network, Inc

Seal the Deal makes marketing services simple. Learn the ten core steps in a proven process, including the Essential Mindsets for Selling Services and a road-tested system for how to simultaneously manage networking, marketing and sales to get the clients you want. Coaches, consultants, counselors, and self-employed professionals of any industry will find practical, proven, powerful strategies to build your business beyond bountiful.

"I've experienced the system personally and can say that the "Seal The Deal Formula" belongs in any professional's chemistry kit."

-- Mike Jay,
Author of CPR for the Soul and CEO, B-Coach Systems

Packed with worksheets and templates, personal action plans and homework action steps, Seal the Deal is the consultant's guide to business development clarity. What you fear about sealing the deal is usually stuff you're already good at, and Seal the Deal encourages you to be yourself and sell more services! If you've ever thought that you shouldn't have to sell, and that your clients should just find you because you're good at what you do, then this book is for you.


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The new book
from our CEO and founder,
Suzi Pomerantz

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