Praise for Seal the Deal

"Many great coaches and consultants have the dedication, education and experience needed to help others.  They are just missing clients!  Seal the Deal shows you how to solve this problem and helps you turn great talent into a great business. This is an important book!"

-- Marshall Goldsmith, America's pre-eminent executive coach, is acclaimed by the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, The Economist and Forbes, and named by Business Week as one of the influential practitioners in the history of leadership development. Goldsmith is recognized by the American Management Association as one of the 50 great thinkers and leaders of the last century.  He has authored 22 books on leadership.


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Seal the Deal is a cogent, coherent and comprehensive approach to business development. Don't miss it!”

-- Ken Blanchard, Co-author The One Minute Manager and
Leading at a Higher Level

“Seal the Deal, more than a traditional book, is a series of powerful coaching sessions dealing with a big breakdown that many excellent coaches and consultants face today: they don’t know how to sell their services to organizations. Suzi Pomerantz not only knows, she can also coach us so we can learn that critical ability.”                                                                      

-- Julio Olalla, President, Newfield Network, Inc.


“I've experienced the system personally and can say that the "Seal The Deal Formula" belongs in any professional's chemistry kit.”                                       

-- Mike Jay, Author of CPR for the Soul and CEO,
B-Coach Systems

“With Seal the Deal, Suzi Pomerantz masterfully guides new and experienced professionals alike to grow their business to the next level. Suzi reminds us that selling is not about being inauthentic, it’s about clear, honest communication and cultivating win-win relationships.”

-- Karlin Sloan, Author of Smarter, Faster, Better; Strategies for Effective, Enduring, and Fulfilled Leadership

Seal the Deal is packed with worksheets, templates, personal action plans and homework action steps –– just what anyone who sells services or ideas needs to build or transform a successful business.”

--Agnes Mura, MA MCC, Founder of PCMA and Author of Ten Themes and Variations for Postmodern Leaders and Their Coaches

“Have you ever wanted to “eavesdrop” on a highly successful coach who is sharing words of wisdom?  Well, in Seal the Deal, you get to do just that when you follow the conversations between Suzi Pomerantz and several of her coaching colleagues. I’ve known Suzi for many years and she has never failed to amaze me with her intelligence and skills as a coach.  This time she graciously shares her knowledge, experience and best practices as she helps professional services providers to sidestep the pitfalls and mistakes most beginners (and even seasoned practitioners) make in networking, marketing and selling their services.  There’s a wealth of information with strategies, tips, tools, powerful questions, checklists and even a 10 step plan to follow.  It’s all just waiting for you to implement.  Am I a Raving Fan of Suzi and Seal the Deal?  Absolutely!”                                                             

--Syl Leduc, MEd, MPEC,Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Development Strategist,

“If there ever were an Oscar given for “Super Coach,” Suzi Pomerantz would be my nominee. Her book, Seal the Deal, is a masterful production and destined to become a classic for any executive or personal coach. Not only is the networking, marketing and sales content of the book superb, but also watching her coaching technique throughout the book adds incredible value to any coach practitioner. Two thumbs up on this one.”

-- Steve Gladis, PhD, former Professor and Associate Dean/Director at the University of Virginia, Author of 11 books including Survival Writing for Business and The Manager’s Pocket Guide to Public Presentations.

“Over the years I’ve discovered that you can have the best products and services in the world, but if you don’t have a plan and tools for building your business with your key clients and referral systems, you will remain an unknown commodity. Seal the Deal demystifies networking, marketing and sales – and most of all will boost your confidence to go after the clients you really want to work with.  Seal the Deal is destined to be a classic – it’s what everyone needs to build a successful business.

--Judith E. Glaser, CEO Benchmark Communications, Inc. and Author of two best selling business books - Creating We and The DNA of Leadership

“In reading Suzi Pomerantz’ book I feel like I am participating in a Master Mind group or in one of her teleclasses – and I’m the center of attention. Everything that Suzi has to say about networking, marketing and sales relates directly to me and my life as a coach and consultant. I also learned quite a bit about how to get out of my own way – I wish I had her book 40 years ago when I first began consulting and coaching!

--William H. Bergquist, PhD, President of the Professional School of Psychology, Author of 42 books, including Executive Coaching: An Appreciative Approach.

“Entrepreneurs looking for a way to differentiate themselves in an overcrowded marketplace have a new handbook, and it’s needed by the many service professionals who soon realize that substantial industry expertise and impressive talent are simply not enough. In Seal the Deal, Suzi Pomerantz takes talented entrepreneurs behind the business-building curtain and gives them a six-figure formula for success. By teaching the reader how to use marketing, sales and networking in strategic concert, and how to weave individual success strategies into a comprehensive, proven success formula, Seal the Deal empowers entrepreneurs with a logical and manageable system for substantial growth.

--Jennifer Kalita, Entrepreneurial Consultant to the National Association of Baby Boomer Women, Author of In Business & In Balance.

“I started my consulting/coaching company three years ago, after 20 years of quota-breaking sales and management for Fortune 100 companies like GE and McGraw-Hill.  I have been in almost any sales situation that is possible and find myself awed by Seal the Deal.  This book offers incredible real-life situations and the solutions we all need when we are selling our own services.  Professionals of all kinds will greatly benefit by reading this book and applying the selling solutions.  Seal the Deal will greatly increase your revenue through improved confidence.  After reading it, I signed my first six-figure client!”

-- Nancy McCarthy, President of DC Rainmakers

“If you are a professional services provider, here is an offer you can’t refuse. In her ten-step model for growing your business, Suzi Pomerantz shows you how to network, market and sell as a natural act — a game that you can play and win and have fun while you’re doing it. Reading this book is like having Suzi as your personal sales coach, while you follow her roadmap and dramatically expand your business in a systematic and sustainable way. Seal the Deal is the real deal!

-- Don Arnoudse, Executive Coach and founder of The 2nd Half, coaches successful people who are reinventing themselves for a thrilling and fulfilling second half of life.

"Seal The Deal is a great resource for new and experienced coaches, consultants and others! I found the straightforward approach that Pomerantz used to share her considerable wisdom and experience to be very effective. It can reduce the learning curve for anyone that wants to make a difference and make money. I highly recommend that others read her book and buy one for someone else that would benefit from it as well.

-- Beverley Alridge Wright, President, Wright Choice Group

“In Seal the Deal, Suzi Pomerantz takes the intimidating world of networking, marketing and sales and teaches simple, real-world, road-tested steps for how to integrate these key elements of business development into an actionable, sure-fire business development plan. Networking made fun, marketing made simple, and sales demystified…Seal the Deal is a winner! If you’re looking to build a prosperous coaching practice while also making a difference in people’s lives, you have to get this book!”
--Felice Wagner, Esq., CEO, Sugarcrest Development Group

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Quick Links:
Seal The Deal
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