Table of Contents


Self-Assessment Quiz


Why Buy From You?
No One is On the Bench
Navigational Elements of the System
Step 1 -- Demystifying Selling, Distinguishing Networking, Marketing, and Sales
Time Management
Losing Negative Baggage
Helping Professions and the Conflict With Sales
Worksheet: Understanding your Mindsets
Partnership and Service: Mental Positioning
Distinguishing Between Networking, Marketing, And Sales
Time Management: The Accordion Effect
Worksheet: Time Management
Worksheet: Planning Your Week

Step 2 -- The Sales Process, Targeting
The Bowtie Model for Sales and Service
Defining Your Services
Moments of Truth and the Service Cycle
Definitions of Executive Coaching
Worksheet: Targeting

Step 3 -- Calling Prospects and Setting up the First Meeting
Phone Fear
Guided Inquiry about Phone Fear
Making Calls to Set Appointments
Keeping a List
Appointment Setting Tips

Step 4 -- Handling Objections and Gatekeepers
Getting Past the Gatekeepers
Handling Objections…the beginning of the chess match
Handling Rejection
Worksheet: Overcoming Objections
Keeping Track

Step 5 -- The Client Meeting
Keeping Your Focus In A Sales Meeting
Listening in the Sales Meeting
Getting A Second Meeting
Elements of Successful Client Meetings
Client Meeting Intake Questions

Step 6 -- Following Up and Tracking
Tracking your Progress

Step 7 -- Proposals, Pricing, and Contracting
Sample Coaching Proposal Cover Letter
Sample Coaching Proposal
The Purpose of Proposals
Proposal Models
Shifting the money conversation
Asking for What You Want
Contracting and Setting up an Engagement
Sample Coaching Engagement Agreement
Sample Individual Coaching Agreement
Coaching ROI Resources

Step 8 -- Networking
What is Networking?
Nine Mindsets Of Networking
Networking Actions

Step 9 -- Expanding the Sale While Serving the Client
Building Business While Billing Time
Lessons Learned Meetings Template

Step 10 -- Building Business and the Art of Referrals
Referral Guidelines
3 Keys of Referrals

Integrating it All
Getting In Action
Worksheet: Personal Action Plan--Tracking
Personal Strategic Business Development Action Planning Template Worksheet: My Personal Strategic Business Development Action
Plan in three distinct domains: Networking, Marketing, and Sales
Individual Selling System
Mental Positioning: Critical Mindsets for Success in Sales

Final Thoughts and Next Steps
Daily Chafes
Fake It
Persistence and Resilience
You're Only as Good as Your Weakest Link
Play Big
Mailbox Money
How Big is Big Enough?
Harness the Sales Process


Homework Action Items

Recommended Reading

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