Bruce Pomerantz, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist, consultant, and speaker sought out for his expertise in teaching clients to enhance their performance effectiveness, efficacy, and self-worth.  He works with business clients individually and in groups to manage work-related stress, cope with daily demands, improve communication skills, and realize personal values and purpose.

His consulting focus is on helping executives identify and link their life purpose with organizational objectives in order to enhance the meaningfulness of their work.  He is often asked to speak to organizations about ways of attaining greater satisfaction, meaning, and happiness in life and work. 

Dr. Pomerantz develops employees in enhancing efficiency and satisfaction in the work environment by training them to dismantle and replace damaging, unrealistic patterns of thought and behavior with new, more productive ways of interacting.  He employs cognitive restructuring techniques to promote shifts in clients' perceptions of themselves and their function in the organization.  Dr. Pomerantz works with teams to create healthier work environments in which the productivity of the individuals can flourish.  He counsels individuals to cope more effectively with attitude or mood problems, losses, conflicts with peers or supervisors, change management and various other challenges in the corporate arena.

Dr. Pomerantz has eleven years of experience as a consultant and therapist.  He is licensed in Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia and has operated a successful private clinical practice since 1993.  Bruce graduated cum laude from Pomona College and earned his doctorate from the Virginia Consortium for Professional Psychology (College of William & Mary, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Old Dominion University, and Norfolk State University).

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