Jackie Eiting has over 15 years of experience in transformational consulting, large-scale culture change, and executive development in Fortune 500 companies. She has been instrumental in the design, sales, delivery and management of cultural change projects in such organizations as IBM, Marrion Merrill Dow, Eli Lilly & Co., Campbell Soup, US Shoe, LandRover, Procter and Gamble, and DuPont.

Jackie has successfully managed and led teams of consultants in long-term (4-5 years) cultural change efforts and maintained the client management and lead consultant role throughout the life of the relationship. Her specialty has been the coaching and development of the key executives on these projects.

Jackie has also designed three transformational programs: Power of Leadership, Power of Coaching, and The Executive Intensive. These programs are six-month development programs that help anchor the cultural transformation work. She has successfully trained internal consultants to lead these programs within their organizations.

As a key employee of a leading transformational consulting firm in Washington, DC, Jackie’s responsibilities included sales, client management, program design, and the management and development of consultants within the company. Since establishing her own practice in 1995, Jackie has specialized in executive coaching, executive team development and leadership development.

Jackie earned a BA in Political Science from Northwestern University in 1967. She received a Masters of Psychiatric Social Work from the University of Hawaii in 1972, where she taught and conducted a successful family therapy practice. She currently resides in Washington, DC.

Current Clients

  • The Limited Corporation
  • General Growth Management Company
  • Milwaukee County Medical Health Division, Wisconsin
  • Shore Memorial Hospital System, New Jersey
  • DuPage County Health System, Illinois
  • Hartford Memorial Hospital, Wisconsin
  • The Blood Center of Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Beaver Dam Community Health System, Wisconsin
  • Child & Adolescent Treatment Center, Wisconsin
  • The ADD Learning Center at Abbott Labs

Past Clients

  • The Rouse Company
  • EMCO Ltd., Canada
  • IBM Corporation
  • Derlan Industries, Canada
  • Industrial Distributors Association of America
  • SouthWestern Electricity Board, UK
  • Cunnard-Ellerman Shipping, UK
  • Kingfisher PLC, UK
  • Marrion Merrill Dow, Inc.
  • Eli Lilly & Company
  • Campbell Soup Company, Canada
  • Foxboro Corporation, Canada
  • Forensic Technologies International
  • Rover Industries, UK
  • Land Rover Corporation, UK
  • US Shoe, Women’s Specialty Retail Division
  • US Air Force, Aeronautical Research, Wright Patterson AFB
  • Procter and Gamble, USA & UK
  • DuPont Legal Services

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