Mike Kraus is a certified executive coach with nearly a decade of experience. He has coached leaders in a wide variety of business environments, effectively enhancing their managerial performance, relational skills, and self-development. Mike is also a seasoned trainer and experienced leader of organization-wide culture change. He has co-designed and delivered programs, training, coaching, and consulting for a wide range of organizations, private, public, and non-profit.

His training and coaching of individuals and groups within these organizations ranges from principles to executive management to unionized personnel. Mike has coached executives and managers in the following organizations:

Delaware Department of Human Resources; IBM; Abitibi Consolidated, Iroquois Falls; Emco; Abitibi Price, Inc., Thunder Bay; Velcro; Abitibi Consolidated, Kenora; Steelcase; Hammond Manufacturing; Polypenco; George Sheard Fabrics; G.E. Multilin; U.S. Federal Job Core; CFWD/Strive; Duek and Associates; Gerrie Electric; Rockwell Automation; Mancor Canada; Lennox Industries; Edwards Canada; Labatts Breweries; and Cami Automotive.

Mike’s undergraduate work focused on Business Administration at the University of Maryland. His graduate level work has been directed toward the field of organizational development and systems thinking. He is currently engaged in ongoing study in the fields of ontology and phenomenology.

Mike primarily employs the phenomenological method of coaching. This is a behavioral model of human interaction with the world. The premise is that people’s response to their environment is a direct result of the structure of their interpretations about the environment. Success in life is the practice of taking appropriate actions given the ‘world’ that we encounter. Without changing one’s interpretation of the environment, it is unlikely that a person will take different actions. Different actions are required to create different results.

Mike’s coaching assists others in consciously accelerating shifts in their perception of themselves, others, and the world. As executives shift how they perceive their challenges and goals, their teams, and themselves, they can take new actions. They can ‘step forward’ and lead others as well into new realms of possibility. New actions engender new experiences, which become the basis of new competencies.

The success of executives, by nature of their leadership position, is dramatically affected by their ability to enroll others in their viewpoints and missions. This elevates the importance of relationship skills to higher levels. Executives that develop new competencies in this domain bring an expanding opportunity for success to their companies. They increase the effectiveness of relationships with their peers, workforces, and customers.

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