Steve Dorfman is the President of Driven to Excel, Inc. Steve is an expert on: relationship-selling, world-class client service, team integration, matching perception with intention, and leadership. 


With over a decade of experience, Steve Dorfman is widely known for his ability 
to inspire and empower audiences to take control and thrive in their professional careers. As the President of Driven To Excel, Inc., Mr. Dorfman is committed to helping organizations and individuals build powerful relationships with their clients and their team members. 

As a sales executive, he was recognized for his sales volume (7-time “Salesman 
of the Year”), level of client satisfaction (top 1% nationally) and remarkable client loyalty (70% repeat and referral business). He believes people inherently desire to make a positive difference for others, and provides the necessary tools to do exactly that. 

Through his powerful and interactive presentations, Mr. Dorfman enthusiastically sets the stage for his audiences to discover their own unique abilities. By doing so, participants are able to distinguish themselves in their fields, attract more business, connect more often and impact their company’s bottom line. 

Speaking Topics:

Dominant Buying Motive 
Are you speaking directly into the “listening” of your clients? When you 
begin broadcasting “on their channel,” they begin buying from you. 

Creating The Client Experience 
Are they buying a product; service ... or the experience? 

Leadership and Professionalism 
Your team will discover how to embody – and lead with – a level of 
professionalism that attracts and retains employees and clients. 

The Success Mindset 
Creating the habits and attitude of success. 

Demand Qualities 
Are you and your people “showing up,” for others, the way you intend to 
be showing up; ... being perceived the way you intend to be perceived? 

Connecting ... to Build Trust and Rapport 
What has us click with certain people ... and not others? Discover how 
to click to build powerful relationships with employees and clients. 

Leading & Selling to The 3 Emotional Hot Buttons 
Discover. Influence. Impact. 

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