"Sales" is not a dirty word! Selling Executive Coaching services or any professional services to corporations can be challenging, particularly given the abstract, intangible nature of those services. Complicating that is our sometimes negative perception about sales and selling. For many of us the concept of sales conjures up images of sleazy used car salesmen, pushy telemarketing calls during dinner, the onslaught of catalogs that plague our mailboxes, or hearing a pitch from a door-to-door solicitor or vendor. For others of us, the activity required to generate sales causes us anxiety or feels intrusive or uncomfortable. We don't want to force ourselves on others, we want to help others!

In this interactive, ten-session course you will take new actions and alter your mindsets about business development in a way that will open the door for you to grow your coaching/professional services business in the way YOU want. Once you understand and can use the systematic process, concrete approach, and focused format for selling professional services into organizations, you can easily seal the deal using your own natural style and personality.

About the program:

Innovative Leadership International LLC is pleased to offer the teleclass series:

 Sealing the Deal
Selling Professional Services to Organizations.
Networking, Marketing, and Sales for Coaches, Consultants,
Professional Services Providers and the Self-Employed.

10 week course: 10 one-hour sessions delivered on a telephone bridge line
6-8 participants $700 per person
Contact: Suzi Pomerantz, MT., MCC
Program start dates to be determined upon full enrollment

About the class leader:
Suzi is a master certified coach who has been coaching executives and leaders in a wide range of organizations for over 12 years. She has successfully sold coaching and training services to DuPont, Tyco, Goldman Sachs, Sears, Welch's, Pfizer, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Lockheed Martin, American Express Financial Services, Accenture, Freddie Mac, Calvert Investments, 3Com, and eleven different law firms across the country. In addition, she has coached and trained leaders in various public sector roles with non-profit and government organizations like Goodwill Industries, the US Postal Service, Naval Sea Systems Command, The Supreme Court of Virginia, the US Agency for International Development, the US Defense Intelligence Agency, the US Department of Agriculture, Fairfax County Public Schools, and 65 other client organizations not mentioned here. Suzi serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Coaching in Organizations and holds the Vice Chair position on the board of the International Consortium of Coaching in Organizations.


1. De-mystifying the process of selling your services to organizations.
Mindset work, understanding the differences between networking, marketing and sales activities. Defining the sales process.

2. Fine-tune your 30-second commercial and other marketing must-haves.
Design, fine-tune, practice, and receive feedback on how you tell people who you are, what you do, and for whom you do it. We'll devote a portion of this call to sharing how we talk about (explain, define) our services to prospects.

3. Targeting
Who is your client? Where is your client? Strategically determine your targeted audience and how to begin the sales process with the right prospects for your work.

4. How to set up the first meeting
Explore not only how to get your first appointment with a prospect, but what to do to open the conversation, establish peerage, and lead the meeting towards closing the sale.

5. Handling Objections
There are a finite number of objections your prospects will have. Discuss these as well as your potential universe of responses.

6. The client meeting:
Incorporating the sales conversation Explore the art of the chess match of balancing the amount you speak with the amount you listen and the questions you ask in such a way that sales happen!

7. Following up
Strategies, timeframes, and frequency of follow-up vary. We'll discuss what you do that works, doesn't work, and we'll brainstorm together ways to improve your technique. This includes a portion of the call on proposals. Everyone will share a successful proposal and we will discuss the elements of those and share best practices.

8. Networking
Learn the nine mindsets of effective networking and leverage your connections into business development success!

9. Lessons Learned Meetings
Explore a structure that allows for effective client feedback, referrals and new business with existing clients.

10. Referrals
Grow your entire business through referrals. We'll discuss how they work and what you can do to build your business while billing time.

  Feedback from previous participants in the teleclass:

" I have been encouraged and stimulated and I've enjoyed being on the phone with you!"

" This class was very helpful for me in expanding my business."

"I very much enjoyed everybody's progress in the class, and I very much enjoyed so much content and energy from you, Suzi, your very direct and nurturing style, and the fact that you really work in a very different style than I do and with a different population, it's been a wonderful addition to hear from you and have that relationship and learning going forward. I think this has been invaluable."

"I found it extremely useful and I do hope that over a period of time I'll have the fluidity that Suzi has with coming up with questions so rapidly and designing meetings."

"I really liked it very much. I liked talking about implementation and the process of doing, and getting clients. Thank you."

"I'm very much energized by not only your energy, Suzi, but also your articulation. And it reminds me of what's called stroke production in tennis, that is as you get more efficient with your strokes you can produce them better, and play the game faster and harder."  

About the Methodology
The teleclass syllabus above is adapted from our modular sales training program that we deliver inside organizations to attorneys, sales teams, executives and consultants.

For a detailed outline of the full sales training, please contact us at

The sales training program overview is below:

 Sales & Marketing Development Course
Integrity Selling….Real People, Real Sales
THEME: Succeed in sales without gimmicks by focusing on clients and client objectives, and by building powerful relationships

OBJECTIVES: Revitalize your sales force! Participants will engage in activities grounded in effective adult learning models and methodologies.

·PERSONAL POWER: Understand the sales process and your role in it.

·MOTIVATION: Overcome self-created barriers to transform the way you think about and approach selling.

· ACTION: Develop and practice practical, proven skills in implementing the various elements of selling.

· SUSTAINABILITY: Explore and learn how you can develop, maintain, and leverage long-term client relationships.

· ACTION: Create a personal marketing action plan that is tangible, concrete, and do-able immediately.

Conceptual Framework + Skills Development + Application/ Action = RESULTS!

The program is divided into three learning modules. Each module includes a conceptual framework piece that focuses on mindset shifts and the overhaul of mental obstacles to succeeding in sales. Each module is interactive and action-based so the participants are learning in a hands-on, practical, real-world format. The modules are customized to be relevant to their particular field and to allow for the easy transfer of learning to the workplace:

Modules Topics Covered

Finding the Client Identifying targets
Cold calling
Setting Appointments
Handling objections

Getting the Client Effective meetings
Client interviews

Keeping the Client Time management
Exceeding expectations
Strategic action planning

For a detailed outline of the full sales training program, please contact us at

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