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A joint venture co-sponsored by:
The Coaching Alliance and Innovative Leadership International LLC.

Presented by: William Bergquist, Ph.D. and Suzi Pomerantz, MT., MCC

The Coaching Alliance (a subsidiary of The Professional School for Psychology) and Innovative Leadership International LLC are pleased to present a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive, graduate-level training program designed by world-class organizational coaches to take coaching in organizations to the next level...
to the summit.

The Comprehensive Program
We define the term “summitry coaching” as that coaching which focuses on the challenges unique to leaders at the peak, whether that peak is their career or they are at the top of their organization, or they wish to take their business to the top.

Consider the following:

Are you already coaching executives, leaders, and teams in an organizational setting, yet looking for ways to supercharge your business?
Do you want to integrate a solid foundation of organizational coaching material with a proven, systematic format for getting coaching engagements in organizations?
Are you ready to improve your game, increase your capacity, and learn alongside like-minded professionals?
Would you like to master a broader range of coaching strategies; have more arrows in your quiver?

This Comprehensive Program differs from and exceeds the offerings of other coach-training courses on the market in several important respects:

Summitry Coaching is an advanced training program that complements and builds upon previous coach training you might already have.
Summitry Coaching is a Graduate Certificate Program that will launch you and enable you to take your coaching business to the next level—to the summit.
Summitry Coaching is the only training program on the market that is purely focused on organizational coaching.
Summitry Coaching is the only training program to offer four diverse organizational coaching strategies: Performance Coaching, Executive Coaching, Alignment Coaching, and Business Coaching.
Summitry Coaching is the only training program to include a substantial, detailed and practical strategy for building your coaching business your way—and creating distinctive opportunities for coaching at the summit of organizations.
Summitry Coaching is the only accredited training program on the market that enables you to earn master’s and doctoral course credit, a government authorized certification and/or continuing education credits—all of the tools of certification that are needed to move one’s own professional career to a higher summit.
Summitry Coaching offers an accelerated format that respects your time as a busy professional.
Summitry Coaching offers a distinctive training program that thoughtfully blends theory, interaction and application.

Summitry Coaching is founded on three fundamental commitments:

1.) Work with clients on distinctive, multi-dimensional, critical issues;
Summit problems are the challenges leaders face at the summit of their organization/career.

2.) Engage multi-faceted strategies, models, methods and tools of organizational coaching to match the depth and complexity of the client’s summit problems.

3.) Embrace and display an appreciative perspective with the client that enables the client to identify existing strengths, accumulated wisdom and past achievements that can be deployed in meeting the challenges of the summit problems.

Summitry Coaching is implemented through two fundamental strategies:

1.) Strategically generate and implement a customized, integrated, systematic process for personal business development action.

2.) Engage this process in three distinct domains: networking, marketing, and selling of organizational coaching services.

Is Summitry Coaching
the right coach-training program for you?

This unique program is specially designed with the following accomplished professionals in mind:

Experienced corporate and executive coaches seeking to take their game to the next level.

Personal coaches who wish to branch into coaching within organizations.

New coaches seeking a comprehensive foundation from which to serve organizational needs or who are interested in a thorough introduction to coaching in organizations.

Prospective coaches who want solid strategies for building a coaching business and an inside look at the profession from two world-class master coaches.

Non-certified coaches who seek certification to increase their credibility and marketability. Internal coaches who wish to expand their set of tools and learn about models of coaching that are used in other organizations.

HR Executives who wish to design, implement, or improve existing internal peer-based coaching programs and are seeking to benchmark coaching best practices and models used in other organizations.

Corporate Executives or Organizational Leaders who champion coaching in their organizations and wish to better understand the dynamics of coaching when engaged at the summit in their own organization.

So, what do you get in Summitry Coaching?

Costs include:

Intensive, direct instruction and facilitation by two world-class mentor coaches

All course materials including:

Book: Executive Coaching:
An Appreciative Approach
Book: Organizational Coaching:
Resource Book 2005
Book: Creating an Appreciative Organization:
Six Strategies for Releasing Human Capital
Guidebook: Sealing the Deal: Ten Steps to Building Your Coaching Business Your Way
CD: Selling Professional Services to Organizations
Personal Strategic Business Development Action Plan

Six days of tutored learning and guided coaching practice around robust, substantive content that blends theory, practice and application

Three telebridge calls between learning sessions

Coaching practice sessions structured around mentor coaching processes

Certification: government authorized Graduate Certificate in Organizational Psychology with an Organizational Coaching Focus through the Professional School of Psychology

Continuing education credits

Masters and/or Doctorate degree credits in Organizational Psychology (with Coaching Focus) at The Professional School of Psychology

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