Summitry Coaching Program Format

The Summitry Coaching program format integrates theory with application-over-time for optimal knowledge transfer and retention:

Three, two-day workshops are separated by two months during which phone coaching telebridge sessions are held and participants engage in peer-based coaching practice with several other participants. Interwoven in the six days of workshops is a six-month (16-20 hr.) coaching practicum. Ultimately it is a six-month program, however you are only in the classroom for 6 days.

  • First Month
  • Initial workshop : 2 days, [Wednesday and Thursday]
  • Second Month
  • Peer-Based Coaching
  • Telebridge Call #1
  • Practicum: 1-2 sessions with coaching client
  • Third Month
  • Middle workshop : 2 days [Saturday and Sunday]
  • Practicum: 1-2 sessions with coaching client
  • Fourth Month
  • Peer Based Coaching
  • Telebridge Call #2
  • Practicum: 1-2 sessions with coaching client
  • Fifth Month
  • Final workshop : 2 days [Tuesday and Wednesday]
  • Practicum: 1-2 sessions with coaching client
  • Sixth Month
  • Telebridge Call #3
  • Preparation of Practicum Case Report
  • Awarding of Coaching Certification


Dates and Locations

Program Costs

Program Syllabus

Register for a Summitry Coaching program by completing the registration form or by contacting The Professional School of Psychology via telephone at (916) 364-0252 or e-mail

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