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Please complete registration information below. Check appropriate program for which you wish to register, payment option, and amount enclosed. As appropriate, either enclose check or money order or complete credit card information. For check or money order, mail to: Summitry Coaching c/o PSP, 9912 Business Park Drive, Suite 170, Sacramento, CA 95827 USA. For credit card order, either mail to above address, fax to + 916-364-5511, or e-mail to

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2006 Program for which You Wish to Register:

_____Washington D.C.- May 17-18, July 22-23 & September 26-27, 2006

_____Chicago (Illinois)- August 23-24, October 21-22 & December 5-6, 2006

_____Harpswell (Maine)- June 21-22, August 12-13 & October 10-11, 2006


Payment Option

_________ Option One: $5000 (Total) [$5000 due at registration]

_________ Option Two: $5,500 (Total) [$3000 due at registration/$2500 due at 2nd Workshop]

_________ Option Three: $6000 (Total) [$2000 due at registration/$2000 due at 2nd Workshop/$2000 due at 3rd Workshop]


Payment Method

(Please make payment in U.S. dollars to “The Professional School of Psychology”)


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