Summitry Coaching Program Syllabus

Course Outline

Workshop One, Day 1, Morning:

  • Introduction to Organizational Coaching: “Performance Coaching” “Executive
  • Coaching”, “Alignment Coaching “and “Business Coaching” – From an Appreciative Perspective
  • Leaders and Participants Introduce Themselves
  • Performance Coaching I: Engagement Coaching (Interpersonal Dimension) (Overview)
  • Performance Coaching II: Engagement—Coaching Someone in Giving Effective Feedback [Coaching Triads]

Workshop One, Day 1, Afternoon:

  • Performance Coaching III: Empowerment Coaching (Group Dimension) (Overview)
  • Performance Coaching IV: Empowerment—Coaching Someone in Leading a Team [Group Simulation]
  • Performance Coaching V: Opportunity Coaching (Overview)
  • Performance Coaching VI: Opportunity—Coaching Someone in Preparing for Major Event [Coaching Triads]

Workshop One, Day 2, Morning:

  • Executive Coaching I: Reflective Coaching (Overview)
  • Executive Coaching II: Reflective—Using Clearness in the Coaching Process [Coaching Triads]
  • Executive Coaching III: Reflective—Engaging the Domains of Information, Intentions and Ideas in the Coaching Process [Coaching Triads]
  • Executive Coaching IV: Reflective—Differentiating between
  • Puzzles, Problems and Mysteries in the Coaching Process
  • (External/Internal Locus of Control) [Coaching Triads]
  • Executive Coaching V: Reflective—Using Convergent and Divergent Questions
  • In the Coaching Process (Advocacy Inviting Inquiry) [Coaching Triads]

Workshop One, Day 2, Afternoon:

  • Executive Coaching VI: Instrumented Coaching (Overview)
  • Executive Coaching VII: Instrumented—Using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in Coaching Process [Coaching Triads]
  • Executive Coaching VIII: Instrumented—360 Degree Feedback Process [Coaching Triads]


Workshop Two, Day 1, Morning:

  • Check-In On Coaching Process
  • Executive Coaching IX: Observational Coaching [Leadership Lab]
  • Executive Coaching X: Observational Coaching [Small Group Simulations]

Workshop Two, Day 1, Afternoon:

  • Alignment Coaching I: Introduction to the In*Sight Process [Coaching Triads]

Workshop Two, Day 2, Morning:

  • Business Coaching I: Strategic Planning (Five Models) [Coaching Triads]
  • Business Coaching II: Strategic Planning (Tools of Planning and
  • Analysis) [Coaching Triads]
  • Business Coaching III: Cost-Benefit Analysis [Coaching Triads]

Workshop Two, Day 2, Afternoon:

  • Building a Coaching Business I: Networking, Marketing, Sales: Distinguishing Three Types of Activities Required to Sell Coaching Services to Organizations.
  • Building a Coaching Business II: Demystifying the Sales Process (Overview): Generating Opportunities to Coach in Organizations
  • Building a Coaching Business III: Prospect Presentations [Coaching Triads]


Workshop Three, Day 1, Morning:

  • Check-In On Coaching Process
  • Finding the Client I: Strategic Targeting
  • Finding the Client II: Phone Calling, Setting Appointments [Role Play]
  • Finding the Client III: Handling Objections [Role Play]
  • Finding the Client IV: Research, Preparation

Workshop Three, Day 1, Afternoon:

  • Getting the Client I: Effective Meetings [Role Play]
  • Getting the Client II: Client Interviews, Consultative Approach
  • Getting the Client III: Proposals, Presentations
  • Getting the Client IV: Sealing the Deal [Coaching Triads]

Workshop Three, Day 2, Morning:

  • Keeping the Client I: Time Management, Project Management, Follow Up
  • Keeping the Client II: Customer Service Excellence: Exceeding Expectations
  • Keeping the Client III: Growing Business through Referrals
  • Keeping the Client IV: Nine Mindsets of Networking, Network Mapping
  • Keeping the Client V: Strategic Action Planning [Coaching Triads]
Workshop Three, Day 2, Afternoon:
  • Post-Workshop Planning: Coaching Triads and Certification


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