Client Testimonials

Since 1993, we have coached and trained thousands of leaders and teams in over 110 organizations worldwide, including 7 companies on the Fortune 100 list, 6 corporate law departments, and 11 law firms.

We looked to Innovative Leadership International LLC to work with our leaders at a critical time during the transition of management in our firm. Suzi Pomerantz brought thoroughness, insight, a clarity of thought and creativity to bear in helping us chart a course through a situation that was fraught with pitfalls. We are exceedingly pleased with both the outcome and the advice and counsel we received from ILI."
-- Mark Long, Managing Partner, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, P.C.

"My consultations with Innovative Leadership International helped me greatly in organizing professional presentations and planning important law department meetings. I highly recommend them."
--Jim Shomper, Esq., Manager of Law Firm Partnering, DuPont Legal

"As I thought about the many ways the coaching, the ways of holding and speaking life you all have introduced me to and taught me about, there is one incident that stood out. It was months after a three-day workshop on coaching with the entire staff of FTI, that a young woman, who had been an outspokenly reluctant participant, came to me. She said, "Dan, as you know I was very hesitant about bringing this kind of work into the workplace. But I must tell you it not only has changed my life at work, what I learned there has saved my marriage. Instead of repeating the same sad things my husband and I have been saying to each other, I was able to rise above my petty feelings, and hold our relationship in a new way. Without the coaching training we would be divorced." Not only did it save her marriage, she went from a dead-end secretarial job to become one of our top project managers... that wouldn't have happened without the work you all brought to us."
--Daniel W. Luczak, Former Chairman, FTI Corporation

"After six months of collaboration with you in organizing, building, and training our sales force, I want to let you know that you have far surpassed my expectations. My hope was that you would simply provide systematic training for our salespeople...for many years a missing element in FTI's culture. But, beyond training, you have become valued contributors in every aspect of our division's sales strategy. I rely on you constantly for developmental and management counsel. At this early stage, we can already see the benefits of your work in our increased activity levels; clarity of mission; and healthier dialog. I am confident that we will soon recognize a steady increase in revenue attributable to an effective sales program. Thank you."
-- Brian Bowdren, Vice President of Sales, FTI Consulting, Inc. Litigation Services

"I have attended several conferences and meetings planned and facilitated by Innovative Leadership International. They are always imaginative, inspiring, meaningful, and fun. ILI is extremely talented in creating and designing interactive group sessions that are meaningful from a professional and business perspective and at the same time motivate and inspire the audience."
--Lisa M. Passante, Esq., Senior Counsel, DuPont

"It has been our happy experience to work with Suzi Pomerantz of Innovative Leadership International. During a potentially problematic period of personnel changes, Suzi had an uncanny ability immediately to grasp the nature of our staff and their individual needs. Her guidance in helping us find and use the tools to ensure good group dynamics allowed us to overcome our difficulties and to function as an organic whole, where everyone can reach their potential and interact effectively. This has been a priceless contribution to our operation."
--Bethany Portner, ASID, President, Portner Design Group, Inc.

"Innovative Leadership provided personal executive coaching for me as I rose from Property Manager to the position of President of Adler Financial Group, a family-owned business. This coaching has been invaluable to me over the years as a leader in a family company facing issues with transitioning decision-makers and business opportunities. I recommend Innovative Leadership for executives on the move wishing to accelerate their momentum and progress in both their business and personal goals."
--Shawn Adler, President, Adler Financial Group

"A highly effective company geared to make your business successful. Definitely powerful."
--Lawrence Bruch, President of Infopro

"Suzi is terrific. A real winner."
--Darryl Salerno, Second Quadrant Solutions, previously CEO at Magnet Communications and Creamer Dickson Basford

"Suzi has been a treasured and reliable resource to me for over ten years. When I approach her for assistance she is unfailingly responsive and generous. Suzi seems to know me thoroughly and is entirely frank in her feedback."
--Tony Mayo, Chairman at TEC International

"Suzi is an awesome colleague and a high-powered, intelligent, and experienced executive coach."
--Ken Kesslin, owner at Kesslin Associates Inc.

"Suzi Pomerantz is an extraordinary Executive Coach of high energy and creativity. I have been fortunate in partnering with her as she coached and taught others. She is a subject matter expert on business development for Executives and Professionals on how to become a real rainmaker. Bottom line: Suzi gives great ROI. Why? She consistently shows clients how to win business!"
--Jeremy Robinson, Director, Wharton Executive Coaching Program and CEO, Executive Coach Academy

"Suzi is a remarkable colleague: competent, creative, resourceful and humane. We have collaborated on many business and pro-bono projects, and I am impressed with her generous and passionate engagement."
--Agnes Mura, owner of Agnes Mura Inc.

" I'm the victim of at least 20 courses on creating an elevator speech or 30 second commercials. Quite frankly, I've hated it until now. I'm not a robot, I can't do the same thing twice and I like memorizing stuff about as much as having a root canal. So when Suzi worked me over on a recent interview, not only was it a totally different feeling, but I left thinking that I can't wait to try this out at the next possible moment because her technique allows me to be me, yet still get my points across easily in any context. YEA Suzi!"
--Mike Jay (, the guy with two first names and author of CPR for the Soul

"Suzi gave me brief coaching for a prospect call I had and what she taught me was amazing! After a brief call, I have a meeting set up with the VP of HR and an OD director at ABC and I sold myself in not just as a coach but to discuss partnering with them in designing their whole coaching process! Her Sealing the Deal course is taking me to the next level."
--Suzanne Levy

"Suzi's Sealing the Deal course was the comprehensive revisit of marketing and sales nuts and bolts know-how that I needed to take my business to six figures. Suzi's depth based on her first-hand success with this material made it very accessible. In our teleclass discussions we had many opportunities to share real time learnings with each other." --Mark Cappellino

"The Sealing the Deal course was full of rich, practical content, which I was able to put to immediate use in my sales efforts. - Everyone brought different experience and backgrounds to the table, and we learned a great deal from each other about how we each implemented our learnings from the course. - I was able to see immediate improvement in results after making use of things I learned from Suzi ."
--Derek Steinbrenner, Cambria Consulting

"Dear Suzi, Your Sealing the Deal course changed my outlook on selling into organizations. Because you have walked the talk and been extremely successful in doing this yourself, I felt confident that the tools and best practices you offer will work. Immediately, I used some of the techniques, something as simple as shifting the intention of my first call and I had completely different responses. Rather than being placed on a roster of other service providers, I was being considered for larger scope projects. I also gained a stronger sense of how to charge for my time and how to get in on smaller projects so they grow to larger rather than just aiming for large projects. Ultimately, your statement about using the tools while melding with my own style fits for me. Thank you for offering this and making such a difference for me. I have already recommended you to several colleagues!"

“Suzi has been instrumental in developing our legal personnel, some of whom have been risk adverse and very resistant to any proposed change, and promoting synergy within our Legal teams. I would not hesitate, and would, indeed, encourage you, to contract Suzi for any proposed project.”
--Thomas L. Sager, Esq., Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, Chief Counsel of Litigation. DuPont

"You certainly give the best advice and have very relevant experience! You are very good at synthesizing problems down to the real issues. You're the best!"
--Megan Mahoney Wickham, Esq., PriceWaterhouse Coopers

"I, for one, will always remember the positive coaching Suzi gave me when I was fearful of quitting the 'high-paid law firm job.' Life is so much better now. Nice colleagues, great clients and control over my time and destiny. Thank you!"
--Linda Dickey, Integrated Technologies Management

"You are an exciting, kinetic force. Thanks for asking a great set of questions today. Good food for thought while I'm traveling. I am taking some of your material with me." --Dr. Richard Linowes, Professor at Kogod School of Business at American University

"It is such a joy to be working with someone with your creativity and energy."
--Dr. Bill Bergquist, President, Professional School of Psychology

"Thank you so much. Your coaching was very effective. You continue to be a tremendous contribution to our business."
--Dan Adler, VP and Partner, Adler Financial Group

"Thanks for all your help with our board. I greatly appreciate your talents and I thank you for getting us off to a great year."
--Michael Campbell, President, Legal Marketing Association

“Thank you so much for serving as an excellent speaker at our Executive Coaching Ideas to Dialogue Session. You represented the coaching profession well! Your insight and perspective – and willingness to share—is greatly appreciated. Good to work with you.”
--Susan Sanow, Director of
Programs, Center for Nonprofit Advancement

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