If You Can Coach...Then Here's How You Can Make Sales Easy and Fun

Free mp3 reveals a simple shift, that can turn your coaching skills into sales skills. This is one of the fastest ways to selling in a way you're comfortable with while making it fun
This is me Suzi Pomerantz, Author of Seal the Deal and Coach to Executives and Attorneys in over 115 different industries world wide, including seven Fortune 100's.

If you're a coach who loves coaching and hates to sell then this message is for you.

I left teaching (many moons ago) to get into Coaching. I was $10,000 dollars in debt and I had no coaching work lined up...because I hated sales!

Then I discovered a way to align my passion for coaching to sales and within 6 months of that mental shift I was debt free, and making a comfortable living as a coach. I've sustained that for over 15 years now.

The change was like using my knowledge of driving a car, to learn how to drive a truck.  I already had the skills, I just needed to learn to apply them in a slightly different way. 

A while ago I put on a seminar where an audience member said this "Mindset shift" was the easiest way in the world for a coach to master sales. And when coaches master sales they explode their income.

I have the recording of a portion of that seminar available on mp3 (just toss it on your iPod). If you give me your email address and name, I'll send you a free copy of it.

Here's a sample of what you'll discover:

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Suzi Pomerantz