Workshops & Seminars

Networking Workshop:
Learn the Nine Mindsets for effective networking and practice networking skills in this highly engaging, interactive workshop. Design clear goals and intentions and a strategic action plan for fulfilling your networking goals, whether it is for increasing your contacts, getting business or personal leads, getting clients, referrals, increasing your visibility or advancing your career, promoting yourself internally or managing career transitions.

Powerful Presentation Skills:
The art of powerful persuasion. Practice the design and delivery of successful presentations that powerfully engage your audience of any size and effectively achieve your purpose. Speaking powerfully, whether to a large group or to one other person, requires strategy, skill, and persuasive selling. This workshop utilizes video taping and coaching to support participants in moving through their fear of speaking to feeling safe talking to groups of people.

The Art of Coaching:
Whether you are a leader or not, mastering the art of coaching will allow you to leverage getting things done through people. Learn the five conversations of coaching and the power of listening skills applied in a coaching role. Coaching is a proven methodology for effective team performance, motivating employees, and career development.

Managers as Coaches:
Coaching is a means of increasing productivity and performance, improving the overall success of a team and its individuals, and improve morale in the workplace. In this workshop you will determine the manager's role as coach and learn tools that managers can apply to real situations. You will learn the fundamental elements of coaching, identify the coaching needs of your teams, and develop a structure to implement coaching in your organization.

Coaching to Manage Performance:
Participants will be able to accurately analyze individual performance and effectively use face-to-face coaching to improve performance, if coaching is determined to be the appropriate solution to a given performance problem. This course includes a three-step coaching model that will allow participants to develop a coaching dialogue plan and demonstrate usage of said plan to coach an employee.

Motivating Employees:
The ability to motivate others is a critical leadership skill that is not regularly taught to those who are new to leadership roles. Participants will learn and practice 3 models for successfully identifying the variable motivators and de-motivators for the individuals on their team.

Providing Effective Feedback:
In this course you will analyze different conflict communication styles and develop strategies for dealing with them in a way that opens the door for effective communication. You will learn the effectiveness of a positive feedback loop and various strategies for providing effective feedback in a variety of situations.

Facilitation Skills:
Facilitation is an art, but you can learn the basics of how to lead a brainstorming session, how to manage the process of dialogue to produce specific outcomes, and several strategies and methodologies for eliciting group engagement in a style of facilitative leadership.

Leading Effective Meetings:
Stop wasting valuable time in meetings. Learn why meetings never have to run longer than 20 minutes, and how to implement meaningful agendas and tools for leading effective meetings that respect everyone's time and professionalism.

Business Development:
Identify and overcome self-created barriers to how you think about business development. Distinguish between the prospectors' and consultants' roles in the sales cycle. Hone storytelling skills and practice integrating storytelling into client meetings. Explore effective use of listening and questioning skills in client meetings and how to create a collaborative relationship for developing new business. Discuss methodologies for building business while billing time.

Selling by Serving:
Identify opportunities for business development with current and past clients. Create a template for and practice conducting Lessons Learned Meetings. Explore the value of service in the sales process. Develop client interviewing skills and practice integrating them into client meetings. Practice proven methods for conducting client interviews and learn how to close for the small deal and expand later.

Advanced Sales Training:
Review the sales cycle and all skills from the prospecting, business development, and selling by serving workshops and develop strategies for dealing with client objections in meetings. Practice sales conversations and a 4-step consulting process. Discuss dinstinctions between selling services and selling products.

Prospecting Workshop:
Basic skills in strategic targeting, cold calling, appointment setting, conducting client meetings, and understanding the core sales process and how it links with the service cycle. This course has a focus on understanding your personal preferences, your strengths, your natural style and your mindsets around sales. Overcome self-created barriers, identify and list appropriate strategic prospecting targets, develop personal style scripts for getting appointments, and practice overcoming objectives, dealing with gatekeepers and leveraging voice mail as a tool for results. Explore tracking tools.

Access to Personal Power:
This course analyzes What is Power? Participants will explore obstacles to personal power and engage in live coaching to transform the victim role in to the leader role around specific situations. The participants will partner up to create long-term coaching relationships and set the foundation for those relationships during the workshop.

Taking a Leadership Role in your Firm:
You can bloom where you are planted, or lead from whatever position you have in your firm or organization. In this course you will explore leadership in general, and then leadership as it pertains to your current placement. You will learn basic distinctions between leading, managing, coaching and you will assess yourself in order to create a personal strategic growth plan for how and where you wish to take on leadership.

Managing Change:
Understanding the winds of change and your attitudes towards change will allow you to begin to embrace that change is the only constant in global business. Explore a map of change and dialogue about advocacy and inquiry while building the tools to develop your personal strategy for mastering change in your organization. Explore leadership skills and management skills for coping with change.

The Practice of Leadership:
Explore leadership as an arena of RAM (Relationship Asset Management) and transform your ability to cause powerful results in the areas of effectiveness and productivity in your organization through relationships. Learn the five critical conversations for success and design your own breakthrough project.

Building Trust as a Leader:
Build trust by making bold promises and overdelivering, by harnessing authentic communication skills and by demonstrating consistent integrity. Leaders will learn how to leverage action technology in the form of measurable requests that align with an organization's core values. Explore several methodologies for repairing any mis-steps of the past and creating an environment conducive to demostrating trustworthiness as a leader. Learn the conversation for creating allies.

Creating Powerful Teams:
Learn the five distinctions of high-performance teams and how to immediately transform any team into a powerful team of committed players. Learn how to facilitate conversations for alignment and how to harness the skills and strengths of your team members to forward the actions that will produce the results of a shared vision.

Action Planning:
Basic foundational skills in how to create strategic actions plans that are meaningful, relevant, and useful in motivating yourself and others to take action. Project Planning: Using breakthrough project mapping to create conversation-based projects that require leadership of a high performance team to get the results. Learn how to plan and execute and track the success of any project.

Conflict Resolution:
Define what conflict is for you, understand the benefits of well-managed conflict, determine how to manage different conflict communication styles, and identify an interest-based problem-solving strategy. Practice having difficult conversations with coaching support.

Managing Group Dynamics:
This course discusses and identifies key areas of group dynamics; process and content issues, the stages of group development, and how to assess the needs of individual members. Participants develop personal responses to systemic problems of building a positive work environment and appropriate configurations for group decision-making.

Partnering with Internal Clients:
Even if you do not need to sell to internal clients, there are still mutlitudinous reasons to have these skills for building internal partnerships for collaboration. Learn the format for a conversation for collaboration as well as the strategies for internal lessons learned meetings. Much of this course will involve participation in conversation models to practice these skills and ensure knowledge transfer.

Mentoring/Peer-Based Coaching:
A key factor in talent management and succession planning, not to mention positive morale and thriving productivity is individualized support systems in any organization. In addition to providing external consultants and coaches, many organizations are developing internal formal programs to provide mentoring and peer-based coaching. This course will provide best practices and benchmarking information about several organizations who are currently doing this, explore the major concepts of coaching and distinguish between coaching and related activities (counseling and consulting).

Customer Service Strategy:
Determine who the customer is, exactly, and take a closer look at the principles behind customer service. Examine current ways customers are satisfied and set up a continuing process for customer satisfaction. Look at how this would be tracked and measured and determine next steps that align with your organization's goals.

Creating Women's Networks for Business Success:
Many organizations are not leveraging the unique leadership talents and skills of women in their ranks, nor are they providing for upward career trajectories for women in the pipeline. This workshop draws from the research of Catalyst and participants will craft organization-specific plans for how to unite women in ways that positively influence not only those women's careers, but the bottom line of the organization.

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